We look for the next opportunity to serve our customers in a greater way. We offer a wide and growing range of services from consulting to freight forwarding, customs brokerage, logistics, licensing and more.



TLR has robust import and export compliance programs in place. In turn, we are able to assist our customers in developing or enhancing their own compliance programs. This service is tailored to each customer’s individual needs, and includes anything from a starting outline to a fully developed written manual. Additional consulting services are also available for CBP holds/seizures, hazardous materials and trade/regulatory compliance.

Trade / Regulatory Compliance

TLR has developed close partnerships with key government agencies, and acts as a consultant to these agencies for many industry organizations. In addition, we closely monitor pending regulations that will significantly impact our customers and the transportation of their goods in the international marketplace. Finally, we have a robust software system in place which monitors all transactions against over 200 government lists for potential violations. We also offer importers and exporters access to our customer service personnel, whose knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Our employees have an average of more than 20 years of experience in the international logistics arena and regularly attend trade and regulatory compliance seminars. This translates into accurate and compliant assistance from origin to destination, whatever your needs may be.


TLR has expanded its services to include State Department and Commerce licensing assistance. Our services now include but are not limited to: initial license application via D-trade, application tracking from point of submission to point of approval, entry of license into TLR’s license tracking software, lodging of the license with Customs and Border Protection, and decrementing license against active transactions. It is our hope that removing this obstacle will allow more and more U.S. companies to enjoy the benefits of trading in the international marketplace. Since each customer’s needs are unique, we customize this service to best fit each customer’s business model. Another key to our licensing service is our online tracking system. This program allows us to enter licenses, track exports against a license, and set up trigger notifications based on a percentage of license quantity or license expiry date. The benefits of this system are not just available to our TLR staff; we can also provide accessibility to our customers. While this system was developed for export licenses, it provides equal functionality for import permits as well. It has proven to be a key resource to importers tracking available quantities on a valid permit. Contact us today for a demonstration of this software, and to understand how our licensing service can help you break into the international marketplace.

Training and Webinars

TLR offers training to our clients in a wide variety of topics and formats. Training is conducted by knowledgable, high-level employees at the client’s location of choice or via webinar. An example of training topics include: Class 1 regulatory overview for shipping via air and ocean, C-TPAT, Focused Assessments, INCOterms, Import/Export Compliance Manuals, Letters of Credit, and many others. The training we offer is customized to meet each client’s specific needs, and may cover as many topics as necessary.

Freight Forwarding


Selecting the most efficient and effective transportation method can be challenging. At TLR, we seek to understand your expectations, in order to create solutions that support your objectives while maximizing services and minimizing costs based on your delivery requirements.

As a non-asset based global logistics provider, TLR partners with key air, ocean and ground carriers to provide customizable and integrated global transportation solutions. These partnerships allow for greater leverage in both space allocation and pricing, along with the ability to offer more consistent transit and lift options.

TLR has a very diverse portfolio of clients with commodities that range from arms and ammunition to wine and spirits. To best support your evolving logistics needs, we continuously upgrade our transportation service options and offerings such as: capacity programs, direct delivery, time definite services, cross dock, temperature control, charters, and project cargo services.

TLR will arrange your shipment both to and from the U.S., as well as both to and from most countries in the world. For more information on how we can support your international transportation needs and open up new markets for you company, please contact us today.

Customs Brokerage


With more than 30 years of experience, TLR’s employees have the knowledge and resources to expediently move your shipment through Customs and other government agencies.

As a leading Customs Broker in the specialty areas of ITAR products, as well as wine and spirits, we handle more than 15,000 entries each year for companies of all sizes. We can help you manage imports and exports by air, ocean or ground, with comprehensive Customs support in the U.S. We can also handle your Customs issues worldwide through our network of specialized agents. We provide best-in-class solutions that will keep your company in compliance and your freight moving.

Being up to date with security and regulatory requirements is critical to the flawless transportation of your shipments. TLR works closely with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and all other government agencies that administer the applicability of regulatory changes that can affect your shipments, so as to avoid delays. We are also a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certified and validated customs broker, and can assist you in complying with their security and other government requirements.

TLR is your one-stop resource for all your Customs clearance needs, from classification to clearance to post-entry services. When combined with our logistics know-how, our compliance knowledge will simplify your international shipping needs and improve your bottom line results. For more information on how we can support your Customs brokerage needs, please contact TLR today.



Our customers’ strengths are in the manufacture and sale of their goods. Our strength is in our ability to open markets.

We strive to be an extension of our customers by participating at the planning table, developing key relationships in up-and-coming markets, and thinking outside of the box to reach profitable solutions for all four points on our corporate compass.

In changing our mindset from that of a traditional forwarder we now look for the next opportunity to serve our customers in a greater way. We believe the next big opportunity is out there. You build the product, we’ll build the market. In addition, TLR offers All Risk Cargo Insurance as a value-added product that provides you with the financial protection your international shipments require.

Upon instruction, TLR will assign coverage under our broad policy to your cargo while it is in transit on a “warehouse to warehouse basis” from origin to destination. Our coverage can also be tailored to meet special shipment method requirements.

Avoid the risk of uncovered loss and gain peace of mind, plus savings due to our purchasing power for just pennies on the dollar. TLR has developed partnerships with experienced warehouses serving major U.S. ports. Many of these facilities specialize in hazmat and refrigerated cargo. TLR can arrange pickup and delivery of your cargo to our warehouses, as well as container loading, blocking and bracing, plus delivery to the necessary ocean terminal or airport. Pick and pack, and other value-added services can also be arranged.