You build the product,
we’ll bring it to market.

Terri Bartle


Terri brings to TLR and its clients over 40 years of industry relationships and expertise in international business and transportation, with a focus on developing new markets that support and sustain mutual evolution, growth and market success. Terri works closely with international trade associations and has served as President, Director, Board of Advisors and Committee Chair. Terri works on behalf of her clients’ own industries and related associations, offering forward looking trade perspectives intended to assist them in realizing the overall objectives and goals of their membership. To assure proactive attention is given to upcoming regulatory changes that could stymie business opportunities for our clients and country, Terri works closely with the agencies in Washington D.C. who administer what products may enter or exit U.S. Commerce, to ensure that the flow of legitimate cargo remains strong while our security environment is also maintained.

Heather Kiesel

Vice President, Business Development

With over a decade of industry experience as a freight forwarder specializing in the handling and transportation of ITAR and dangerous goods, Heather brings operational wisdom to TLR as our Business Development Manager. With a focus on the lasting success of TLR, our partners and the customers we serve, she has been paramount in launching our new marketing campaign and plays a critical role in bridging the gap between business development and operations. With customer service as a core competency, she has headlined efforts to increase TLR’s service offerings to include licensing and consulting. Her dedication to meet the needs of our diverse clientele is further exemplified in her “can-do” attitude, allowing our customers to reach new markets worldwide.

Steve Buffam

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

As the second-generation owner and CEO, Steve has a unique and highly personal investment in TLR and its future in the international freight forwarding world. After serving as a Sergeant in the United States Air Force from 1972-1976, Steve began his career in logistics under the tutelage of his father and TLR founder, David Buffam Sr. Over the next 45 years, Steve worked his way from his entry-level Courier position through each department at TLR including, import, export, ocean, and air. In addition to being a licensed U.S. Customs Broker, Steve now serves as the owner, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. He works closely with TLR’s leadership team to continue the mission of opening world markets by providing elite and customized solutions for clients. Steve believes in “doing the right thing,” which is echoed in both his personal life and his role in TLR. With the idea of cultivating TLR into a Christian value- based company, Steve believes the company’s dedication to integrity and exceptional service will allow it to flourish for generations to come.

Judy Haggin

Vice President of Compliance

Judy has an illustrious career with over 42 years of experience in the trade industry. She is widely regarded as an expert in international trade consultation, specializing in Customs laws and free trade agreements. Before joining TLR, Judy was President of J.L. Haggin & Associates Co., an international trade consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. Outside her role at TLR, Judy serves as an instructor in a variety of topics related to Import Government Compliance. For the past 22 years, she has taught the Customs Broker Examination Preparation Course. In addition, Judy is an active member of the trade community, having served as President of the Columbia River Brokers & Forwarders Association.

Jennifer Domin

Vice President, Administration

With over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, Jen continues to be an integral part of the strategic development of TLR. She worked tirelessly to transition the accounting department into a paperless culture, which has led to improved efficiencies and reduced costs throughout the company. Jen has also blended TLR's Administrative and Accounting teams seamlessly through leading by example. Along with her love of numbers, she has a strong desire to serve each customer at TLR. While carefully balancing the human element and the bottom line, Jen makes sure that all aspects of TLR are handled timely and equitably- from licenses and contracts to our very own people. Jen continually proves through her adaptability and innovative spirit that she truly has her finger on the pulse of the company.