From ordinary
to extraordinary.

At TLR, we care. We believe the difference between a good company and a great company are the partners you collaborate with. In striving to build lasting success for our clients, our vendors and ourselves, we seek ways to foster development and encourage opportunities for them to flourish. It is our expertise that builds the market, but it is our people that ensure its success.

High Tech

Moving high tech products requires premium handling and diligent controls for these sensitive commodities. From origin to destination it is imperative that every aspect of the supply chain process be scrutinized for weaknesses, thus alleviating any opportunity for the product to be compromised. TLR has three decades of demonstrated expertise working with global silicon leaders, moving their delicate cargos worldwide. With sourcing demands and just in time delivery objectives, TLR, will meet and exceed market requirements through effective and time efficient service.

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At TLR, we have dedicated our knowledge and skill to the successful transportation of ITAR commodities around the world. As a logistics-based freight forwarder, we continue to search for ways to better serve our customers today and in the future. With the addition of our consulting and licensing services, we have been able to remove some of the obstacles to trading ITAR goods in the international marketplace, opening up new markets for many of our customers.

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When it comes to moving perishable commodities around the world, TLR has what it takes to get the job done. With annual perishable tonnage exceeding a billion pounds and growing, TLR’s experts understand the nuances of specialized equipment and associated demands for delivering these goods in pristine condition to their final destination.

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Wine & Spirits

For over four decades, TLR has been a trusted partner of many of the major shippers in the wine and spirits community. We have enjoyed an active role in the creation and evolution of the world marketplace for this dynamic industry.

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