Win some,
lose some.

An ounce of prevention.

The cost to ensure you always “win some” is so easy and inexpensive with TLR’s insurance options. Don’t take the risk and “lose some” when it could mean your business!

Is it worth the risk? Let’s take a look!

ABC Company is importing a shipment of hi-tech hard drives. While unloading the container, one of the four corner castings of the crane comes lose. This causes the container to start swinging, and subsequently, totally disengaging the container sending it to fall to the dock. The sensitive equipment inside shatters and becomes a total loss. A claim is filed and the insurance company pays the total amount for a replacement shipment.

Had the shipment not been insured, ABC Company would have been out the initial $250,000 for the cargo, the $15,000 for shipping and another $265,000 to replace the damaged cargo. Low premium cost of $437.25 would cover this entire shipment from warehouse to warehouse.

Premium Calculation

Cost vs Coverage

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Don’t be the one with your cargo
at the bottom of the sea
and holding a huge bill.